Tours Daily Wednesday thru Sunday

Our VIP walking tour led by Mr. Stockyards takes you behind-the-scenes -- with un-precendented access and insider stories of the Fort Worth Stockyards and some of it's most popular attractions including Cowtown Coliseum and Billy Bob's Texas.

Why do our Walking Tour?

There are many great walking tours in Fort Worth Stockyards, but none are led by Mr. Stockyards. You will go behind-the-scenes and learn much of the living history that is Fort Worth, Texas and the historic Stockyards.

Learn about the Stockyards History

Mr Stockyards will not only show you every important building, he will tell you the hidden history of it and even insider stories that helped shape the legendary Stockyards.

Learn about the Stockyards Today

The Fort Worth Stockyards is the home of Western Heritage & Cowboy Culture and is America's last outpost where that culture still thrives.

Entertainment is our Specialty

Mr Stockyards knows the hottest events & the coolest restaurants & bars. After your tour is over and you want recommendations for your night ahead, just ask! Every day is a new adventure in the Stockyards!

Backstage Stories Galore

As backstage manager for 5 years at Billy Bobs, Mr Stockyards has stories about every musician in the country music business.

VIP Status around the Stockyards

We have many vendors & businesses who are our partners! Get 10% off at many destinations across the Stockyards with your Tour purchase.

Our Partners

Our friends in the Fort Worth Stockyards